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The Museum celebrates the automobile invented by Carl Benz in 1886 it relates its history and tells its stories, bringing both alive by placing them in the context of technology, day-to-day life, social history and popular culture. More than 160 vehicles of all types are the main protagonists. They range from some of the oldest automobiles ever built to legendary racing cars and futuristic research vehicles.

Together with other exhibits, they form the centrepiece of the permanent exhibition covering a total of 16,500 square metres in twelve rooms. This unparalleled world can be discovered on two tours that follow a 'Legend' and 'Collection' narrative.

Collection :

Parallel to the Legend rooms in which exhibits are arranged scenically under artificial light, the bright Collection rooms show their exhibits in daylight. Here, the exhibits are not arranged in their chronological context but in a topical one. Thus, the Gallery of Voyagers shows vehicles from all epochs which made voyages both big and small safe and convenient.

Audio-visual guides :

Carry your electronic Mercedes-Benz expert around with you

The audio-visual guide accompanies you on your tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. It offers additional information to you in eight different languages. For the German and English languages, you have a choice of four profiles: Basics, History, Technology and a Kids profile

Guided tours :

In addition to the audio guides, the Mercedes-BenzMuseum also offers open and private tours (automotive or architectural tours) by our experts. Further information on our guided tours can be found below.

Automobile tour: Tue to Sun at 11 a.m. (English)

Architectural tour: Fri 4 p.m. (German)

All tours subject to change.

Information and registration: in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Contact Center. As per availability. Cost per person: 5 euros plus museum admission.

Fascination to take away :

The Museum Shop in the passage of the Mercedes-BenzMuseum fulfils every wish. To go shopping when you feel like it – even on Sundays and public holidays. On more than 500 square meters the Museum Shop offers you the world wide largest range of Mercedes-Benz products: Current fashion, countless high-quality model cars and fascinating literature about the history of Mercedes-Benz. Architecture and design can all be found here – as well as luxury watches, offers for children and a wide range of gifts bearing the famous Mercedes star. You need holiday items or motorsport equipments In the Museum Shop, you’ll find it.

Parking facilities :

In the museum’s car park or in the P4 multistory car park. Parking fees: 1 Euro per hour for the first, second and third hour; 2 Euro per hour from the fourth hour. Present your parking ticket when shopping in our museum shops or visiting our restaurants and you will be granted one hour of free parking.