Our Rail itineraries are targeted at guests you are shorter on time & do not wish to self drive or ride long duration on coaches. These tours are designed in a manner so that you can explore on local transporation in a city/country. Local travel is our way of giving you a holiday that makes you belong to a place, at the same time make is easier, simplier & cost effective for you & your family. With our rail itineraries you will be able to experience the most frequented mode of transporation in Europe. Be it the fastest, the slowest, the scenic, the most accurate, all this will never be short to amaze at every bend of your journey.


    • City centric itineraries with stay in the central locations.
    • Train travelling which enables to save time.
    • Easy access to places of attractions with complete guidance on best possible routes.
    • On Tour Assistance and complete online/offline support.
    • Complete information on your tour in most interesting manner.

Destination You will Visit

Paris is the city of love which has always been a fantasy to so many people. With the world most iconic monuments & the breathtaking views that alter the entire scenery with the variations in light be it day or night, Paris has sets the mood for all. The numerous shows & variety of food that it offers it most certain that you can’t escape the sheer magnifique. This French city is a true blend of history, culture & heritage with a taste of moderns to it.

Amsterdam is the city of Golden Age canals lined with the backdrop of  treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops and hyper-creative design, drinking and dining scenes. All is & more awaits you in more beautiful

You will visit the most famous & the most visited destination of the world. Switzerland is not just any country that reckons the best hospitality, facilities & the best attractions. They are numerous and unforgettable: Pay a quick visit to an enchanted castle or a first-class museum, gaze at breathtaking glaciers and stunning mountains, pass palm trees and grotti and so much more... The passion for discovery seems unstoppable, as countless other Swiss attractions offer unique experiences. 


Day Wise Plan



    • Accommodation at hotels with breakfast
    • Arrival & departure transfers in Paris on private
    • Eiffel Tower entrance tickets up to the summit.
    • Seine River Cruise tickets
    • Walking tour in Paris
    • Walking tour in Amsterdam
    • Jungfrau Excursion tickets
    • Mount Pilatus Excursion tickets
    • Train tickets on 2nd class: Paris - Amsterdam - Swiss
    • Swiss Pass for 04 days on II Class
    • Local City Taxes
    • Portfolio with important details on your travel
    • GST



    • Lunch & Dinner
    • Airfare
    • Visa
    • Overseas Travel Insurance
    • Internal travel within cities
    • Any other items not mentioned in the inclusion list




Basic Requirements:

Valid Passport:    

  • A valid passport with a validity of more than 6months is needed from the date of travel.

Airfare/ticketing booking:

  • Not included in the cost and needs to be done separately.
  • Flexibility of buying the tickets from anywhere. You can buy air tickets from anywhere you are comfortable. It is always better to do it with us as all the services are rendered under one roof. All the services are provided in tandem and become easy for you.  Any changes or web check in or any other services required to do can be done easily if they are booked through one source. Should you decide to do the air tickets by yourself, please do it once you receive confirmation of all other services from us and the flight details are approved by us.
  • Assistance in buying tickets with processing charge of INR1180.00 incl of GST.

Visa fees:

  • All Indian Nationals require a valid visa to travel to North America and Europe. The visa cost is not included in the tour cost. Requires Schengen Visa. Country of Application: Switzerland.
  • You have the option of processing the visa on your own. We would also help you in the same with a visa processing fee. We have a dedicated team you would be more than happy to assist & manage the entire process. The below link will help you with the visa application process.
  • Link -https://www.vfsglobal.ch/switzerland/india/Visitor.html.We shall issue a letter / vouchers for travel documents as per the respective Embassy/Consulate requirement list.
  • Visa Assistance with a processing charge of INR1180 for Europe and other countries except North America and INR 2360 for North America, both are inclusive of GST.

Overseas Medical Insurance:

  • It is mandatory for European countries and it is advisable to acquire adequate Overseas Travel Insurance cover for protection from any possible risks such as damage, loss, accident or injury to life etc on tour. Our team will help you with the same for the travel duration at a service charge of INR354 inclusive of GST.

Booking process, Payment Schedule & Cancellation Policy

  • How to book:  Once you are sure of booking this tour, you can send across a request by filling up a booking request form and send it to us. On receipt of the booking request form STH shall check the availability of the package & revert with the status within two working days. You can request for an alternative package or alternate dates in case the package you are requesting is not available. Once the status is available, you can book the tour.
  • Eligibility: To book the tour you must be minimum 18years of age. Must be in possession of a valid (expiration of more than 06months from the date of travel) passport.
  • Booking & advance payment: Once we revert to you with the availability of the services, complete the booking form within a day, pay a non refundable booking amount of INR 5000.00 per person or a minimum amount mentioned in our status revert. This amount will be adjusted against the total tour cost.

Documentation:  To book the tour we shall require the below documents:

  1. Recent Passport Copies of all the guests joining the tour.
  2. Booking form duly filled in with the important details, signed by the leader of the family/group. The leader of the group is authorized and responsible to deal on behalf of the other members of the family/group.
  3. Acceptance of Terms & conditions by duly signing them.
  • Payments – As per the schedule. The payment schedule is well mentioned & defined in the terms & conditions. Receipts for the payment done will be provided once the payment is done.

Best Time to travel:

  • Under normal circumstances they always say there is no bad weather all you need is you should always have appropriate clothing. Winter and summer have different experiences so whatever your preference is you can travel during that time of the year. For your reference and understanding of the best time to visit we have include a weather chart with the speculated temperatures during your period of travel. Please note that this is a derivation of the available information which is procured online through a trusted source and it may vary in real time. 


  • Luggage allowance: With train travel, taking luggage is simple.  For most practical purposes there are no luggage limits as long as you can carry it yourself.  You take your bags into the train with you and put them on the racks above your seat or at the end of the car - or you can often stick bags between the seat backs, and on local & regional trains you can usually just stick it on the floor.  There's usually no separate baggage car on European trains. You have access to your bags throughout the journey. Unlike airlines, there is generally no size or weight limit for luggage on European trains - or in a handful cases where there technically is, it's in the small print and pretty generous and in practice nobody cares or weighs or measures your bags anyway.  Just remember that you will have to carry the luggage around yourself so whatever you bring has wheels to pull along.
  • Labeling your bags: It is now compulsory to label all your bags when travelling on Eurostar or on any French train, with at least your first name and surname. On Eurostar, if you need paper luggage labels just ask at the information desk inside the Eurostar departure lounge, but it's better to buy proper ones and keep them attached to your travelling bags.
  • Luggage safety: Some travelers worry about the safety of their bags, especially overseas visitors who are unfamiliar with train travel. Luggage theft on trains is as rare as theft of airline baggage.  Store your bags where you can see them from your seat by using the racks directly above your head (the overhead racks will usually take bags up to the size of backpacks or medium suitcases) or use the racks inside the seating area close to your seat if there are any.  In addition - and this should be obvious - laptops, passports, iPhones, cameras, wallets and tickets should kept with you in your daypack at your seat, not left inside your big bags on a luggage rack.  You then take your day-pack with you to the toilet or buffet car, unless you're travelling with someone else who can keep an eye on it for you.
  • Prohibited items on Train: It goes without saying that firearms & explosives are prohibited (there are special arrangements for sending licensed sporting guns by registered luggage).  Other items include gas canisters and knives with a blade longer than 3", which catches out people who buy a nice set of Sabbatier kitchen knives in Paris (but knives with a blade shorter than 3", for example small penknives, are fine).  You are allowed to take your own wine or beer on board, but 'excessive' alcohol, is not allowed.
  • Luggage Storage: At most major European stations, you can leave your bags in left luggage lockers or a staffed left luggage office, leaving you unencumbered to explore the city between trains.  There will daily charges which vary from Station to Station & depend upon the number of bags as well as their dimensions.

Local travel within city:

  • We cover the train travel between 02 cities in this itinerary. Within a particular city the local travel will be based on the best available transport that can be utilized to cover a particular attraction/place of interest. This information will be covered in your portfolio in detail. This travel will also be based on cost effective ways & also taking the time element into consideration.


  • We have a very good self explanatory documentation. All the information required to travel are processed in an organized format and a personalized portfolio is created for you. The portfolio consists of all the information about the flight, accommodation, weather, attractions, things to carry, what you should prepare, confirmation vouchers, travel grid etc. This portfolio is also available online through an application and can be downloaded on your mobile. You are required to follow the payment schedule. Upon the last installment, we reconfirm all the services with the concerned operators/suppliers and generate the portfolio.  Normally it is made available to you about 15 days prior to the date of travel.

On tour assistance?

  • We provide telephonic support while your travels. All the service providers are reminded about the services day before or a few days ahead of the service date. We are available to answer all your questions from the time you book till the time you come back. We are always available with complete information about your tour; please with our new app we are with you at all times.

Is breakfast or meals included on this tour?

  • Yes. We provide breakfast in your apartment. We also give you  information on nearby restaurants for your other meals as per your liking.

What clothes should I carry?

  • During the summer season we suggest you carry warm clothes as well as some light summer clothes. You can also refer the weather chart. Please refer to things to carry for special instructions by the service providers in their pages in the portfolio.


Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions govern and are applicable to all services rendered to you by Savani Travel Hub, unit of Savani Tours and Travels (hereinafter referred to as ‘STH’), and you hereby accept and agree to be bound by them in their entirety.

  • Scope: STH shall process requests for booking holidays / tours as per these Terms and Conditions, and shall on your behalf plan your itinerary including booking flights, accommodation, cruise trips, attractions and activities, renting or assisting in renting cars / vehicles, attractions & activities booking, providing visa & passport assistance and on tour support.
  • Undertaking: As a customer of STH either on the website www.savanitravelhub.com or otherwise, you warrant that you have provided and shall continue to provide true, accurate and complete information to STH for availing these services. You acknowledge that STH has no means by which to ascertain the accuracy and correctness of your information, and you accept and agree that any inability to undertake the holiday / tour or enjoy any of the services requested on account of lack of completeness or correctness / accuracy of such information shall be solely on your account, and STH shall not be liable for the outcome there of. You shall ensure that your login details are kept private and confidential, and not disclose them to any other user. In any event, you are responsible for any use of your account, whether or not it is authorized by you.
  • STH reserve their right to alter, amend, modify, add to or in any way change the terms and conditions herein applicable to all and any services rendered by STH, including your use of the website and your account in the website as and when applicable. STH ensures to provide true, accurate and up to date information, but does not guarantee the accuracy and currency of the content.STH shall endeavor to keep private and confidential your personal details, and shall not share or sell the same, save and except for the purpose of performance of these terms and conditions and / or in the event of a Court order to that effect, calling upon STH to disclose any information as the case may be. STH shall not be liable for any loss, expense or damage without limitation / exception, whether direct or indirect, arising from the use of or loss of use of or loss of data arising from the use of the website and / or services rendered by STH in pursuance of these terms and conditions.
  • Types of packages available: STH provide the following three categories of tours / holidays.
    • Perfect Holidays – STH provide active assistance to you, and tailor-make holidays catering specifically to your requirements.
    • Made to Order Holidays – STH lists all the attractions and activities available at select destinations on their website: www.savanitravelhub.com , and you choose there from to make a wish-list.

In both the aforesaid categories, STH shall design a holiday best suited to your requirements. STH shall send an itemized price quotation to you, setting out details of expected reasonable cost as provided by service providers at the time of offer / proposal being drawn up, and the management fee levied by STH for designing the holiday.

  • Popular tours – STH offer pre-designed, fixed schedule tours which you may choose from. These tours are available at a fixed cost inclusive of all charges, which is non-negotiable. You agree and accept that the said cost is a reasonable and genuine cost offered.
  • Cost & Payment You hereby undertake and agree to make full payment as per the schedule drawn up. You accept and agree that cost quotations are a reasonable and genuine pre-estimate offered as per rates provided by the relevant service provider. Cost quotations are volatile and may change at any point in time, on account of factors outside the control of STH, including but not limited to change in the market rate of any service, rate of exchange of currency, taxes, charges, government duties and / or any expenses newly introduced/removed, and such change may occur before or after the quotation is approved by you, until the payment is made to the relevant service provider and a booking is thus confirmed. The cost of the service as on the date the payment is made and the booking is confirmed by the relevant service provider shall be applicable and binding upon you, and you undertake and agree to pay the final cost of confirmed booking.
  • On tour /Additional Bookings: If you request STH to book any additional service for you prior to the commencement of the holiday, which service was not part of the holiday plan approved by you, STH shall consider such request and attempt to make the necessary arrangements for the same at the additional cost as applicable, provided such additional service is available and feasible given the original plan approved. You accept and agree that the rate at which the booking of such service is confirmed by the relevant service provider upon final payment shall be binding upon you.Any such changes requested after the approval of the plan shall be subject to additional fee of Rs 5000/- per person.If after the holiday has commenced, you make any changes to the itinerary designed by STH that alter the cost of the package, and / or avail additional services during the holiday / tour not included in the confirmed booking, STH shall inform you whether you are required to make payment for such services to STH or the relevant service provider directly, and you undertake and agree to pay the quoted cost for such services accordingly.
  • Management Fee STH shall charge a lump sum management fee in respect of all requests for booking as provided in the Schedule below, unless otherwise indicated at the time of placing of request for booking by you, in which case you agree and undertake to be bound by and pay the sum as quoted at the relevant time. This fee shall be non-refundable irrespective of the reason for cancellation or failure / inability to undertake or continue the holiday / tour.
  • Tours & Bookings The Tour shall be conducted as laid out in the itinerary provided to you. You understand and accept that STH retains the right to make changes in the tour as and when necessary for various reasons, including inclement weather, geopolitical issues, etc.

On tour Assistance:

STH shall assist you in hiring a vehicle and procuring appropriate insurance cover as per the laws and regulations of the Country and the vehicle rental company. You accept and agree that: 

a. You shall be solely responsible for ensuring that all documentation, including licenses, permits, insurance, etc is complete, enabling you to lawfully drive the hired vehicle in the concerned territory. 

b. You shall be solely responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the car hiring company;

c. You shall comply with all road and traffic related laws, rules and regulations applicable in the concerned territory. You shall be solely responsible for all liabilities arising from or related to the hired vehicle in the course of driving, using, handling, and parking or otherwise, from the time the vehicle is handed over to you till the time it is duly returned to the company.

  • Critical Documentation

Passport – You shall ensure that your passport is available at all relevant times during the holiday / tour, and STH shall not be responsible for ensuring availability of your passport. You shall be responsible for its validity and safety. In case the passport is torn, damaged or lost in transit, you alone shall be liable for the same. 

Visa -You may either choose to procure a VISA on your own or request STH for assistance. STH may engage the relevant service provider for procuring the VISA and the applicable service charge as levied by them shall be payable by you. You accept that VISA procedures are different for different countries and their service centers, and may vary from time to time. You undertake to provide the necessary supporting documentation, and accept that STH cannot guarantee issuance of VISA, since this is a prerogative of the respective country’s consulate. In case any additional documentation is required to be presented to consulate, additional service charges levied by the agent shall be applicable.

Insurance You are strongly advised to acquire adequate and appropriate insurance cover for travel as per the requirements of the country concerned to meet risks and expenses, including but not limited to medical, legal, hospitalization, accident, car hire / rental requirements etc during the tour. You may elect to procure insurance on your own or may request STH to assist you in procuring the same. You undertake to carefully read and understand the terms of the insurance, and by signing on the insurance policy, you unconditionally agree to be bound by its terms. You accept that the contractual relationship in relation to insurance coverage is only between you and the insurance company, and STH is not concerned in any way with the same.  You shall have no claim against STH in relation to the insurance policy or the actions of the insurance company. In case of claims, you shall raise the claim directly on the insurance company.

Other Documents You are required to carry a valid photo identity proof, including your passport, with you during the tour at your own risk and responsibility.

Luggage - You understand that safety and protection of your luggage, camera, money and other valuables is your responsibility. Your luggage may be subject to inspection at the airport, during the course of travel by any mode of transport, at immigration points etc, and you shall be responsible for the same. In case you need any assistance in carrying your Luggage, you may inform STH of your requirements. STH shall make reasonable efforts to arrange for the same, wherever possible, at the rate provided by the concerned service provider, and shall levy management fees on the same.   


  • You are solely responsible to assess your health and medical condition, and STH recommends that you consult your doctor for expert advice on fitness to undertake the tour. You understand and accept that STH does not have any expertise in medical or health matters, and the drawing up of a tour by STH is not an endorsement of your fitness to undertake a tour. Where informed by service providers at the destination or where such knowledge is in the public domain, STH shall provide a travel advisory on the level of fitness required, immunization shots require to be taken, weather conditions expected and any acclimatization procedures required to be followed prior to taking the tour. You remain solely responsible for your medical fitness and health at all times and shall not claim from STH any compensation or take any action for any medial, health, fitness, problems that you may face for any reason whatsoever. 
  • In case you need any special assistance, e.g. physically challenged traveler in your group, you shall inform STH of the same in advance of the booking, and reasonable efforts shall be made to make the necessary arrangements. In case during your travel you need any medical assistance, you shall be liable to bear all expenses for the same.    

Force Majeure

  • In no event shall STH be responsible for any delay, cancellation or curtailment of the holiday / tour arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, any cause or event beyond the control of STH, including but not limited to events such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, flood, wars, riots, civil outrages, terrorist attacks, loss of or malfunctions of utilities or computers, government notifications or acts of God.

Laws and Regulations

  • You undertake and agree to abide by local laws and regulations of the place / country you visit, including but not limited to any restrictions on photography, video shooting, etc. You alone shall be responsible for any breach or failure to abide by such laws, and the consequences arising there from, and STH shall not be held responsible for the same.
  • Governing Laws: All services rendered by STH are governed by, construed and shall be enforced in accordance with the laws of India and you hereby agree and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for the adjudication of any claim in respect of services rendered by STH.

Liability Limitation

  • STH acts as a tour designer, organizer and facilitator, and procures the services of various service providers on your behalf as your agent. STH shall have no liability in respect of the provision of such service or the acts or omissions of such service provider, including any disruption, delay or cancellation of service.STH shall assist you, wherever possible, in making any alternative arrangements (at your cost which you may recover from the defaulting service provider). Any claims in this respect shall be made by you directly upon the service provider.
  • You undertake to indemnify and hold harmless STH in respect of all liabilities, claims, losses, damages, costs, attorney fees and / or expenses against service providers or third parties arising out of or in connection with the holiday / tour.

Payment Schedule and Cancellation Charges

Stage of Payment


Popular Tours (Flexible dates)


Booking Amount

Inr50000 per person

1st instalment

50% of the balance amount 60 days prior to the departure

Final instalment

Balance Amount 30 days prior to the departure



120 days prior to the departure

Inr25000 per person

60 days prior to the departure

Inr50000 per person

Within 60 days of departure

No refunds

Please note the following:

  • Working days means all days of the week, excluding all holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, or the corresponding days of the week considered off in the country / territory of the service provider.
  • Intimation of cancellation shall be communicated in writing by you to STH, and shall be effective on and from the date of its receipt by STH.
  • The Schedule provided above shall be applicable, unless indicated otherwise by STH during negotiations for the holiday / tour, in which case the latter shall prevail. Where an alternate Schedule is drawn up, you accept and agree to make payments as and when called upon to do so by STH.
  • In case of non-payment or delay in payment of whole or part of the tour cost as provided in the Schedule of payments, or as agreed with STH, STH reserves its rights to cancel the holiday / tour without serving any further notice upon you in respect of the same. Cancellation charges as provided above or as agreed shall be applicable with reference to the date on which the holiday / tour is cancelled. STH reserves its right to proceed against you in the Court of law to recover from you all its dues in respect of your booking.
  • Cancellation charges shall apply irrespective of the reason for cancellation, whether within your control or not, including but not limited to sudden illness, accident, failure to obtain VISA, etc. STH may, at its sole discretion and where possible, offer a refund based on various factors including but not limited to the number of participants, cancellation policies of suppliers of services, etc. STH’s decision on the quantum of refund shall be final. It would take at least 45 days to process the refund (if due).
  • You agree and accept that the aforesaid cancellation charges are a reasonable and genuine pre-estimate of the damages that STH shall suffer on account of cancellation by you and they are applicable without requiring any proof.

Validity and Severability of Contract: In the event that anything herein contained is inconsistent with any applicable law which cannot be departed from by private contract, the provisions hereof shall to the extent of such inconsistency but no further be null and void.

Contact Details You can contact Savani Travel Hub for any assistance, information, request, clarification, and grievance at the following address:

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